Exalted Of the East

Arrival at the Coalescence of the Sun's Glory (2011.02.07)

When last we saw our brave adventurers they had just arrived at the Coalescence of the Sun’s Glory to find that the mountain top was covered with a Skyrunner Village. The scene begins with them contemplating their next action when the Sun Ray comes under attack by some large, unknown force. Jaoquim’s preternatural senses allowed them to take evasive maneuvers in time, though the ship still received damage. Ren opened a side ramp to get a better view on the action while The Pilgrim swung the ship around. The Veil and Toshiro joined him on the ramp to see what had happened. On the ground far below, over the river further south from the village, stood two large catapults, serviced by a constructed creature bearing ammo, loaded and fired by a pair of BoneStriders, one substantially more ornate than the other. After long tense moments of flight from the mountain top to the clearing below, combat erupted with Ren, the Veil, and Toshiro taking the field among the horde of goblins. Jaoquim leaped from the ship to surprise the Deathknight and The Pilgrim same shortly after, leaving the ship to be protected by inherent failsafe measures. After a long hard fought struggle, seeing Jaoquim again heavily wounded, the heroes were able to find success on the battlefield by destroying the bonestriders and driving the Deathknight to use his magic to escape. They now had evidence he was strong but could be defeated if they used their powers as one.

Toshiro sat in his hammock above the mess of goblins crawling about the floor. In his hand and and held to the bulkhead by a “glue” handed to him by a green skin, calling itself a “Mek A Nik” and wearing worn leathers, were a series of scrolls covered in tables and drawings. He checked his calculations and charts and there was no doubt in his mind: Ren’s action to call them to coordinate their attacks had turned the tide in their fight. With Joaquim injured and The Pilgrim hampered by his need to turn his resources towards fueling and piloting the ship this one act of leadership, in the haste of combat, had made a difference for them. Had all 5 of them been able to bring their forces to muster on the Deathknight from the beginning, consistently, the outcome could have been much different.

He shifted to a long small scroll covered in small precise brush strokes. “This is our plan.” he muttered to himself. Standing up he pulled down the hammock and wound it into the robes around him. Picking his way through the horde of goblins he found The Veil and Joaquim in turn telling them “Meet me on the bridge of the ship with Ren and The Pilgrim.”

Once they had arrived there, Toshiro closed the door, sealing out the green skins and giving them a few moments of privacy amid the miasma of their current charges.

“Gentlemen and Lady, I have spent the last few hours using my knowledge of organizations, governments, and efficiencies, along with the gifts granted from this new life as the chosen of the Sol Invictus, to look at our last engagement with the Deathknight. From that I have a plan to see us to victory. With each of your insights and abilities granted by this enlightened state, I would like you to help me realize it.”

With that he rolled out a large scroll across the console and they began to talk.



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