Exalted Of the East

Session on 1/10/2011: As seen through the eyes of Joquim, The Silver Khan

After a short bloody fight with some Skyrunners, we made our way to the land of the Red Scars. Pilgrim’s explosive rage is of some concern to me, I have never seen anyone that angry, and unfortunately now is a time for thought not action. Upon our return we got my brother, Dark Eyes, up to speed on recent events. He is concerned about the death knight and my lack of an arm, I assured him the latter would be fine, the death knight is another matter entirely. We do not have the power (or strength of arms) to face something like that. Afterwards I had the chance to speak to my brother in private, he has some fears about the current situation, I tried my best to allay them… even if I do not believe it will be that easy to over come myself.

The Doc wants to head back into the blasted town to get his family! I suppose I cant blame him but this is against my better judgement. We zip off on one of his crazy tornadoes covering the distance in no time at all making straight for his house. There are 2 groups of creatures on the way as well. Toshiro nods for me and Pilgrim to do what we do best to the groups below. With a bellow of a war cry Pilgrim leaps to the fray and takes down most of the first group. I follow suit adding my limited might to the contest. Sadly in the battle Pilgrim drops, and I am forced to take care of this rabble on my own for the most part…. they are no match for even a less than 100% child of Luna. I make short work of whats left….

Toshiro takes Pilgrim, his wife, and grandchildren back to the tribe lands leave me, Valiant Bark, Ren, and his cohorts to make our way back on foot. Going seems okay until we are attacked by som skeletal horseman with riders, they are not very tough though and Valiant Bark delights in tearing them asunder. We hit the tree line and make for the Red Scar lands.



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