Exalted Of the East

Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter 1

The Pilgrim and Joquim meander into the town of Farhold where they are quick to meet up with a mortal doctor known as Toshiro. They find that the town is in need of help as it is being attacked by the tribesmen outside the town.

Upon investigating this disturbance they are attacked by the tribesmen and the doctor Toshiro exalts and becomes, like the Pilgrim, one of the Sun’s chosen.

… They later meet up with Oster, a mercenary in the town, who agrees to help them mend relations between the town and the tribesmen.

…Soon they find that the attacking tribe are led by a Lunar Exalted, a powerful warrior, by the name of Dark Eyes.

…They travel to the attacking tribe’s camp to find a band of Dragon Blooded mercenaries that were hired to deal with the dangerous tribesmen. There they meet Dark Eyes face to face, and challenge him to the tribe’s duals of honor. After winning against Dark Eyes, Joquim makes fast friends in his defeated brother. It is then that Dark Eyes reveals he is a servant of Raksi, the Queen of Fangs, and that his mission from here is to destroy Farhold and deliver the people of the Ten Tribes (of which the Red Scars is only one) to Muhalaka – Raksi’s city far to the south. They find out that he is visited, every full moon, by a powerful demon summoned by Raksi, who both spies on him and attempts to sway his thoughts.

…It is then the party learns that the Red Scars close allies, the Devil Braids, are being assaulted by an small, but powerful band of elementals. The party sets off to the Devil Braids to help defeat the attackers. While there they fend off an assault by vicious wood spiders.

…They meet Valiant Bark, a powerful Ironwood Guardian. He befriends the group when he realizes how powerful and straight to the point that they are and that they will become.

…They meet Wen Chou, a celestial jade guardian of a secret manse. Toshiro investigates the manse to find some items of his former life’s possession, and emerges much more powerful than before.

…An assault of the elementals and causing their leader, a King of the Wood called Verdant Overseer to flee only results in more retribution. It is then that Toshiro learns the secrets of sorcery from the captured Dragon-Blooded mercenary Aphotic Whisper. He then summons Joyous Youth Juritsu, a lesser elemental dragon and explains that the elementals have been acting out of turn. Juritsu agrees to remedy the situation, for the price of engaging with the tribe’s celebrations. A fun night is had by all.

…They go back to Farhold to help the situation on the other side, but Faldo Honsir, the leader of the Golden Axe Brotherhood, and de facto mayor of Farhold will have no part of it. He attempts to kill Toshiro and destroys his shop in the process. While plotting what to do, Valiant Bark decides the best course of action is to kill Faldo. He attempts to do so, but is stopped by the sheriff of Farhold, Queen Sledge. She decides the group is correct, and tosses Faldo out a window – ending his mayor-hood.

…In Farhold they come across Duran Long, the Pilgrims old mentor, who tests the Pilgrim and Joachim in a hand to hand sparring match. The master remains the more powerful fighter… for now. Duran Long’s accomplice, Loyally Barred Fangs presents the group with some magi-tech weaponry so that their fighting doesn’t seem so primitive to heaven.

…With the mayor dead, Elder Oak, the god of the town is pressed into representing the circle as the town’s guardians.

…Joquim and Oster leave to train with Valiant Bark, but end up being attacked by some large creatures of the wyld – large flying vine birds. They end up far to the north, where they meet up with the Bone Faces tribe, and work with them to defeat the Fair Folk controllers of the Endless Branches. Both tribes combine into the Ivory Branches, and agree to work with the Exalted. Oster finds some items of great power here, and takes them up on his journey forward.

…The group returns tot he north and engages in battle with the Wolf Eyes, a tribe lost to cannibalism. They find the tribe is under the control of a dark god, and with the help of a nearby god destroy the dark controller. They then spent time with the Wolf Eyes helping them get away from their cannibalistic ways and become one of the most civilized of all tribes.



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